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商品系列: Blind Eye

Blind Eye is a sustainable apparel brand that's shedding light on Hong Kong's plastic pollution crisis. We are proud to partner with SnapTee to create a collection of premium, ethically-sourced designs that don't just look good - they do good too.

Hong Kong's picturesque coastlines have become a dumping ground for ocean waste, with plastic debris choking the very waters that once defined this vibrant city. But at Blind Eye, we refuse to turn a blind eye to this environmental catastrophe. That's why we're proudly donating 15% of every sale to organisations on the frontlines of the fight to clean up and protect Hong Kong's precious marine ecosystems.

From the bustling coasts of Indonesia to the remote beaches of the Philippines, the problem of ocean waste has reached crisis levels. But we refuse to turn a blind eye. With each purchase from Blind Eye, you're not just investing in premium, ethically-sourced clothing - you're becoming an agent of change, empowering the heroes on the frontlines of this environmental battle.

Our mission is two-fold: to provide you with timeless, high-quality garments that make you look and feel your best, while also channeling a portion of those profits towards organisations dedicated to intercepting plastic waste, restoring delicate marine ecosystems, and educating coastal communities on the importance of conservation.

By purchasing a Blind Eye Design, you are joining our team and backing our initiative to help raise awareness, educate and reduce the amount of plastics found in Hong Kong’s beaches and oceans. Wither every purchase, you're  also becoming an agent of change, channeling your consumer power towards tangible solutions for Hong Kong's plastic pollution crisis. Together, we can ensure a future where the city's iconic beaches and thriving oceans are protected for generations to come.

Help us turn the tide on Hong Kong's plastic problem, one shirt at a time.

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